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Contents of this side:
  1. Searching for goods
  2. Price lists
  3. Rebate conditions
  4. Orders
  5. Payment terms
  6. Delivery terms
  7. Goods collection and transport
  8. Guarantee periods
  9. Claims
  10. Certificates and Declarations

On this page, we have prepared for you "a brief guide" of how to buy at our company. To buy the goods at our company is very easy because we are ready to accept all the forms of your orders.

If you are the enterpreneur then before entering our mutual business relations, we require only your Business Licence or Excerpt from the Business Register, if you are the VAT-payer then we require also the VAT-payer´s Certificate to be submitted.

On the contrary, our Excerpt from the Business Register and Tax Number is available for you under the link about our company.

1. Searching for goods

You can search for our goods in several ways on these websides:

  1. to view our offers and catalogues according to particular branches and categories. To the branch or category requested you can get either by clicking the description which is always blue and underlined, or by clicking the figure
  2. by means of fulltext searching (under preparation now)

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2. Price Lists

The basic prices are clearly arranged on the sides presenting the technical and user´s description of a product, or following that description you can find the link to the relevant price list. The prices are always excluding VAT and at every price list, the relating VAT rate is mentioned. Mostly we guarantee the prices at least for 3 months up to 1 year but we reserve the right of instantaneous change with some products, namely if the exchange-rates of foreign currencies shall change by more than 5%. On these websides you can find only the actual prices. The price lists can be printed - either you can "enter" the side with the cursor, or you can mark the sides by "fringing". If you wish to get any actual information about our prices or any changes contact us please by letter, phone or e-mail under the link "request for news to be sent by e-mail".

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3. Rebate conditions

The rebate conditions are dependant on quantity and frequency of purchases and simultaneously on payment morality. The link to the relevant rebate (delivery) conditions is always mentioned at the end of every price list.

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4. Orders

The information about contact persons and where and how you can order the goods and services offered, you can get either on every side or when clicking the "contacts where we are", which you can see on the left scroll. These contacts include names, phone and fax numbers as well as post and e-mail addresses. You will speed up the attendace to your orders if you address them to concrete names of our workers at relevant sale departments.

We accept the orders in following forms:

If you are used to make the orders only in writing, either by mailed letter or fax, we have prepared for you a very practical order forms to be printed. When ordering, your purchase officers will just write down number of pieces.

On your request, we will confirm your written, fax, e-mail or Internet orders. The Contract of Purchase is to be made out for business matters of bigger volumes.

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5.Payment terms

The link to our payment terms is located always at the end of every price list - terms of delivery. We use, however, all the usual ways:

- cash on goods collection

- cash on delivery

- cash in advance

- gradual part-payments in advance

- payment by bank transmission

- postponed payment covered by bill of exchange

- Letter of Credit

- when the due date is not kept, we give an account for penalties, evtl. we will stop next deliveries


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6. Delivery periods

The link to the delivery periods is always mentioned at the end of every price list - "terms of delivery" which differ for each product. You can be informed when submitting the order, you can get the periods confirmed on your order form.

Common rules::

- if the ordered goods is in stock, it is immediately available for you - the delivery period is as to the transport services within 24 or 72 hours

- if the ordered goods is not in stock but it is manufactured right at our premises, it can be dispatched within 48 hours except for Saturdays and Sundays.

- if the ordered goods is not in stock and it is not manufactured at our premises, then you can expect the delivery periods to be 1 to 4 weeks, as to the kind and quantity

- the delievry period for big deliveries are to be agreed upon personally


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7. Collection and transport of the goods

Except for explicitly mentioned products, the transport is not included in the price. It can be, however, one of the encouranging quantity rebates

- personal collection of goods in the warehouse in Sudomerice nad Moravou from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

- home-delivery service within 24,48 and 72 hours (PROFI BALÍK, TOPTRANS etc.)

- by railway express parcel

- by post

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8. Guarantee periods

The link to Guarantee periods is mentioned always at the end of every price list. According to the types of product, the guarantee periods keep within 6 month up to 10 years.

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9. Certificates and Declarations

The link to the Certificates and Declarations is always mentioned at the end of every price list or under the separate link Certificates and Declarations which can be seen on the left scroll.

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10. Claims

The link to claim conditions is always mentioned at the end of every price list.

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