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» Types of Protection (IP) and Their Values


The IP Protection is a protection of electrical devices against water penetration, dangerous contact and penetration of foreign objects. The following table describes the meaning of the first and second digit within the protection
designation - IP:

Types of protection (IP) and their values

First digit within the designation of protection degree

Protection degree


Against dangerous contact

Against penetration of foreign objects

IP 0x without protection without protection
IP 1x by hand big objects
IP 2x by finger small objects
IP 3x by a tool fine objects
IP 4x by a tool very fine objects
IP 5x by any requisites dust - partially
IP 6x by any requisites dust - completely

Second digit within the designation of protection degree

Protection degree against water penetration

IP x0 without protection
IP x1 dropping water
IP x2 dropping water with declination up to 15 °
IP x3 aslant falling water (rain)
IP x4 sprinkling water
IP x5 welling-up water in any direction
IP x6 by surf
IP x7 by dip
IP x8 by permanent dip under pressure

Convert table between value of IP protection and sign

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