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Bell transformer BONEGA® P-E-P 24T


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A – User’s inscription directly on the transformer body

The bell transformer ET 4 is a safety, short-circuit-proof transformer in modular design (the width is 36 mm). It is intended to be installed into the distribution boxes to supply usual doorbells. With its design and technical parameters, the bell transformer ET 4 complies with the contemporary world-wide level. It is made according to the standard CSN EN 60 742.


To be connected on the DIN strip.



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The transformer is equipped with a transparent removable cover with locking in its upper position (not to fall down spontaneously when being inscribed). A two-line text with a user’s legend can be put into the limited slots (6,2 x 23 x 0,3 mm) under the cover. It is possible to write directly onto the plastic surface.

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Technical parameters

Technical parameters

U prim. (input voltage) AC 230 V / 50 Hz (+6% až -10%)
U sec. (output voltage) 8 / 12 / 24 V AC
Rated output 8 VA
No-load current 16 mA
Dissipated power (no-load) 3,4 W
Total dissipated power
(with rated loading)
7,3 W
Load factor 100%
Protection IP 30
Short-circuit resistance Fully resistant
Class II – double insulation
Safety protective transformer, implicitly short-circuit-resistant

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