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1. Why do the BONEGA® water-meters go so well?

2. Verified measurement accuracy

3. Impressive appearance

4. Attractive package

5. Promptitude of deliveries

6. Guarantee

7. Favorable sale conditions

8. Comply with the Czech and international standards, including the sanitary ones

9. Metrological verification of high quality

10. Trade-mark

11. Sale support

12. Technical support

13. Approach to contingent claims

14. Perspectives

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We know how to avoid disputes when statements for water consumption at flats are distributed.

Dissatisfaction of the consumers with their final statements for water consumption at flats is still an actual problem. There occur disproportionate differences not only between the particular consumers, but also between the water-consumption measured by waterworks and the consumers´ sums. The cause consists in application of inaccurate water-meters, or in modifications of water-meters, which are taken of service.


The solution is, however, very easy – to use quality water-meters with protective elements which – thanks to the patented innovations - reduce (almost exclude) at the most the measurement inaccuracies caused by “resourcefulness” of unfair users. So is also the new generation of the BONEGA® water-meters.

Because it is a unique product, which overtops the other competitors and it is also more demanding as to the material requirements, the BONEGA® water-meters are priced affordably. (Please compare the prices not only with the competitors, but also with the prices of renovated water-meters).

1. Why do the BONEGA® water-meters go so well?

The BONEGA® water-meters
always have something extra.

We believe on our BONEGA® water-meters, every customer can find the advantages which he has missed at other manufacturers so far. Do convince yourselves. Compare our water-meters with any others. We are sure you always find something more on the BONEGA® water-meters.


Which are the main differences from the others?

Click on the title to display the details:


2. Verified measurement accuracy

An exceptional accuracy and response
supported by the tests

The accuracy and response of a water-meter can be verified only by means of an independent calibration measurement. In contrast to other manufacturers, we are not afraid of publishing the calibration results. The calibration was done by the laboratory for accreditation pursuant to ČSN EN ISO/ IEC 17025, which is the sole one laboratory in the Czech republic authorized to do these calibrations.

3. Impressive appearance

With their design, the water-meters are suitable for modern housing.

  • the entire surface of the brass body is nickel-coated
  • the water-meter is equipped with a full-open lid that protects the reading surface of the dial against impurities (it is important for installations in technological shafts) and thus provides exact and simple readings
  • the counter can be rotated by +/- 670 degrees whereby the most suitable positions for reading can be reached
  • the counter reading is within three decimal places (1 l)
  • design with protective elements


4. Attractive package

Even the package supports the sale of a product.

The modern design of the water-meters is highlighted by the design of cases to whose graphical appearance we have paid great attention.


Because of the interest in our product abroad, the cases have their Czech and English versions. Inside the case, you find the Certificate of Guarantee, the installation principles and the overview of service shops.


5. Promptitude of deliveries

You do not have to keep high stocks.

In the most cases we are able to ship the delivery within 24 hours.

6. Guarantee

We trust in our products absolutely.

The provided guarantee:

The detailed information please find under guarantee terms


7. Favorable sale conditions

Individual approach to the customers.

Although the BONEGA® water-meters reach extraordinary technical parameters they are priced affordably. Therefore, it is not more worth to buy renewed water-meters, as it is usual e.g. in Western Europe.

Our sale strategy:

To be informed about the prices, please contact us. We provide the rebates of basic prices based on very clear graded rules, however, based on personal negotiation. See below the contact to our dealer.

8. comply with the Czech and international standards, including the sanitary ones

Internationally certificated product.

The BONEGA® water-meters comply with a lot of Czech and international standards. The BONEGA® water-meters can be used within the whole European Union and their next testing is not necessary. All the documents are available under Certificates, Declarations, Certificates of Calibration and Testimonials.


9. Metrological verification (“gauging”) of high quality

The measurement accuracy is not dependent
only on the manufacturer.

Before a water-meter reaches the end user, it passes some strict tests that verify its metrological parameters affecting the measurement accuracy.


Therefore, the household water-meters are ex lege liable to the obligation to undergo an independent metrological verification (“gauging”), namely prior to their first putting into operation, after a repair and after the periods determined by law (4/6 years). For price reasons, the renovation costs are ever more expensive and the damaged water-meters are replaced with the new ones.


Thanks to the construction and manufacture accuracy, the technical parameters of the household water-meters can reach even high values but it is significant, whether those values are really set-up and tested when being gauged. The selection of a suitable testing method and the calibration facility itself are other indispensable factors, which affect the measurement accuracy.

Selection of a suitable calibration facility

Our exclusive and sole contractual calibration facility is Brněnské vodárny a kanalizace a.s., which has received the following accreditations::

Selection of the gauging method

The gauging can be done with two methods - either “traditionally” or pursuant to a stricter EHS standard. Unfortunately, the most water-meters in the Czech Republic are still verified pursuant to the old standard.

Both the manufacturer and the calibration facility
have to comply with the EHS standard’s requirements.
The table of basic differences between the traditional
verification and the EHS-like one:



Pressure resistance

Not measured

test with the pressure 1,6 MPa

Flow-rate range

only the nominal flow-rate Qn

up to the maximum flow-rate Qmax

Permitted measurement deviation

+/- 2%

+/- 1% (single-sided abbreviation)

Photometric measurement (accuracy up to one thousandth of liter)



More information: A detailed overview of differences between the traditional verification and the EHS

Upon wish, we are able to provide the results of metrological control tests of each manufactured water-meter (by means of the serial number). There are filed in archives for ten years.

The BONEGA® water-meters can be used within the whole European Union without the necessity to be tested again.


10. Trade-mark

We protect our mark as well as you

The BONEGA® water-meters are protected with the trade-mark BONEGA®. This protection guarantees that our mark will not be abused. The sale under the trade-mark BONEGA® is thus one and only world-wide. We protect our dealers as well.

11. Sale support

Allow us to support also your endeavor.


12. Technical support

Our technicians are ready to help you.

13. Approach to contingent claims

We do not want to keep away from the claims
they can learn us.

With our helpful and fast approach to the claims, we struggle for long-term good relations with our customers. We welcome any suggestions for improvement of our products, which we can utilize when developing new products.


Details under information on the claims.


14. Perspectives

Clear conception


We provide a long-term perspective to our customers, because of:



Export Manager: Ing. Michal Hudeček, [email protected]

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