BONEGA® Antimagnetic Water-Meters and Accessories  

User’s and technical advantages: High Accuracy and Sensitivity

With their sensitivity and accuracy, the BONEGA® water-meters contribute to a more equitable clearing of water consumption significantly. They reduce the differences in measurements between the base of a building and the sum of household water-meters. Nowadays, it is one of the most accurate household water-meters worldwide.

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1. Very high measurement accuracy

2. Accuracy class B in both positions

3. Very high sensitivity for measurement start (starting flow-rate)

4. High reliability

5. Protective, opaque, plastic cover with removable lid

6. Easy and through reading

7. Surface anticorrosive protection

8. Guaranteed suitability for use for healthy reasons

9. Plastic sieve at the inlet

10. Light run

11. Easy fastening against rotation during the installation

12. Auxiliary scale

13. High durability

14. Remote readings

15. Pulse measurement option

16. Renovation of water-meters

17. Clearing of water consumption and installation

18. Training

19. Long lifetime

20. Service and spare parts

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1.  Very high measurement accuracy

According to the independent VaK tests, the BONEGA® water-meters are the best ones on the market.

After a thoroughly done quality comparison of four best selling dry-running water-meters in the Czech Republic, we have been assessed as the best ones. The tests compared mainly the measurement accuracy, the starting flow-rate, the sanitary requirements etc.

Source: VaK, 2004

Division of water-meters according to the accuracy

According to the measurement accuracy, the water-meter are divided into the A, B and C classes – the A class is the least accurate, the C class the most accurate. In general practice, the water-meters of the “B” class or of the “A” class are installed at the flats almost exclusively. The water-meters of the “C” class are seldom used because of their high price.


All the BONEGA®water-meters are involved into the “B” class, but their parameters come very close to the most accurate “C” class, whereby they surpass a lot of competitors. The metrological stability of the BONEGA water-meters is given mainly by their suitable construction of turbines and both regulating units.


How can you recognize, within which accuracy class does our water-meter measure?

Every manufacturer is obliged to mention the accuracy class on the dial (in the horizontal and vertical position - see the detailed description below).


The proofs on measurement accuracy can be found in the Certificates of Calibration .

The differences between the metrological classes are even multiple (see the Table). In addition, there exist, however, very significant differences between water-meters within the same class.

Comparison of parameters for the most used flow-rates within the metrological classes A,B,C:
Sign Flow-rate Class A for DN 15(1/2") Class B for DN 15(1/2") Class C for DN 15(1/2") Class A for DN 20(3/4") Class B for DN 20(3/4") Class C for DN 20(3/4")
Qmin Minimum flow-rate (l/h) 60 30 15 100 50 25
Qt Transient flow-rate (l/h) 150 120 22,5 250 200 37,5
0,2 Qn 20 % of nominal flow-rate (m3/h) 0,3 0,3 0,3 0,5 0,5 0,5
0,3 Qn 30 % of nominal flow-rate  (m3/h) 0,45 0,45 0,45 0,75 0,75 0,75
0,5 Qn 50 % of nominal flow-rate (m3/h) 0,75 0,75 0,75 1,25 1,25 1,25
Qn nominal flow-rate (m3/h) 1,5 1,5 1,5 2,5 2,5 2,5
Qmax  maximum flow-rate  (m3/h) 3 3 3 5 5 5


Chart of the measurement accuracy behavior in individual flow-rates:


Key: Qmin = minimum flow-rate (l/h), Qt = transient flow-rate (l/h), 0,2 Qn = 20 % of nominal flow-rate (m3/h), 0,3 Qn = 30 % of nominal flow-rate (m3/h), 0,5 Qn = 50 % of nominal flow-rate (m3/h), Qn = nominal flow-rate (m3/h), Qmax = maximum flow-rate (m3/h)


The higher is the measurement accuracy, the higher is the probability that the difference in measured values on the base water-meter and in the sum of household water-meters will be minimum.

Those proofs can be read in the EHS Certificates, Decision on Approval of the TCM meter and Certificates of Calibration.


2. Accuracy class “B” in both positions

You do not need to take into consideration the choice of the installation position.

The BONEGA® water-meters reach the accuracy class “B” in both installation positions, as ones of the few in Europe. This extraordinary advantage can be reached through a suitable construction of the bottom (wet) part of the water-meter.

Concrete improvement:

Is it known that the water-meters seated in the vertical installation position usually show the worse measurement accuracy than in the horizontal position (the turbine bedding has the biggest influence thereon.)


With which accuracy does your present water-meter measure?

Every manufacturer is obliged to mention the accuracy class on the dial, separately for the horizontal (“H”) and the vertical (“V”) positions. At the older water-meters, you can find only one-letter designation (the same class in both positions) which does not comply with the European requirement more.

The most water-meters available on the market, have usually the B class (H-B) for the “H” position and the worst A class (V-A) for the “V” position. Generally, if a water-meter has a higher accuracy class in the most demanding vertical position, it will be even more accurate in its horizontal position.


For example:


a) If B-H A-V is mentioned on a water-meter, it means that the water-meter has the worst A class in its vertical position and the B class in the horizontal position. The most water-meters used in Europe have this design.

b) If only the A letter is mentioned on a water-meter, it means, that the water-meter reaches only the worst A measurement accuracy in both installation positions,


The proofs on very high measurement accuracy of the BONEGA® water-meters can be found for the B class in both installation positions in the measurement results (see Certificates & Declarations) and in the EHS Certificates, Decision on Approval of the TCM meter.  


Compare the accuracy of the BONEGA® water-meters with other brands.


3. Very high sensitivity for measurement start (starting flow-rate)

Through a water-meter of other manufacturers, up to 254 000 liters water can flow without being counted.

Another very important parameter of the water-meter accuracy is at what real minimum flow-rate (not at Qmin specified by the standard) the counter begins to rotate evenly (not by jerks) and thus to register the water flow.


If does not concern the minimum flow-rate Qmin, stated by the standard.


The minimum flow-rate, stated by the standard, for ½” water-meters for the B class amounts to 30 liters per hour.
The A class permits even up to 60 liters per hour (see measurement accuracy in installation positions)


Simply said:

If 29 liters per hour drop (consciously or unconsciously) by an end user, his water-meter might not register it at all, even if it is involved within the B class. Annually, the volume of not-registered water can amount up to 254 040 liters = 254 m3. It corresponds to 516 840 liters for the A class (59 liters per hour) annually.

Unfortunately, some end users misuse this phenomenon consciously whereby unfair differences in clearing among the consumers appear.

An unconscious non-registration of the flow-rate appears at the water-meters of low quality, always in the first stage of water flow or when the water inlet is closed (which happens many times a day) and also if the valves are not tightened (water dropping).

The BONEGA® water-meters show extraordinary values also with the above parameter.

The real starting flow-rate of the BONEGA® water-meters is below 8 liters per hour.

- within the range of 5 – 8 liters, thus even better than required by the C class (min. 15 l/h).
We thus guarantee better parameters for the response to start (sensitivity), than those specified by the highest class.


4. High reliability

We provide a long guarantee period for the BONEGA® water-meters (6 years for cold water-meters,
4 years for warm water-meters).

The reliability is given especially:


5. Protective, opaque, plastic cover with removable lid

Exact and easy readings
  • The upper part of the water-meter is equipped with a removable lid which protects the transparent plastic reading area of the dial against impurities (which is usual especially in technological shafts)
  • The lid is fastened so that the hinge is always in the upper position of the dial
  • The removable lid is locked in its upper position which facilitates the readings even on a vertically seated water-meter
  • The entire outside cover is undemountably connected with the transparent cover of the device.


6. Easy and through reading

A well-arranged reading with the accuracy for the twentieths of liter
  1. The drum counter can be read with three decimal places (so with the accuracy for liters). On other water-meters, the reading only for m3 or even an unpractical reading from some rotating scales are usual.
  2. Black digits indicate m3
  3. Red digits indicate measured liters.
  4. The digits of a drum counter are big (the sight-glass height is 6 mm and the digits are 4 mm high)
  5. The upper part of the dial can be rotated by up to 670 degrees which enables an easy reading in all installation positions
  6. The cover of the counter is made of transparent plastic
  7. The auxiliary dial with a rotation pointer serves for a very accurate measurement for the twentieths of liter (0,05 liter).

large picture

7. Surface anticorrosive protection

Extended lifetime
  • The water-meter body is nickel-coated whereby the surface corrosion is avoided
  • The nickel-coated surface is also an aesthetical element underlining the modern design
  • If the products are made just of brass, they become dark unevenly, especially in wet environment (real “stains” occur on the surface)


8. Guaranteed suitability for use for healthy reasons

The BONEGA® water-meters comply with the strong sanitary requirements


9. Plastic sieve at the inlet

It avoids the water-meter turbine to be blocked by impurities
  • Protection against coarse impurities
  • It avoids a bigger particle to get to the turbine where the rotation could be locked


10. Light run

Long lifetime and accurate measurement


11. Easy fastening against rotation during the installation

It is not necessary to use complicated installation tools
  • Fastening against water-meter rotation during screw-joint installation is possible by means of an open wrench No. 21
  • It avoids the counter to be damaged during the installation (breaking-off the securing ring or seal damage), thus to be “re-gauged” at a high rate


12. Auxiliary scale

Faster calibration

  • It facilitates the adjustment in repair shops and calibration facilities
  • The scale is marked with “O” in the middle and on the left with “-“, on the right with “+” with symmetrical slots




Longer lifetime


14. Remote readings

The BONEGA® water-meters can be modified
even for the system of remote readings

TRASCO, spol. s r.o.
1. Máje 1000, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
phone 571 845 484
mobile 777 141 045, 603 517 342
fax 571 842 284 
email [email protected] 


15. Pulse measurement option

It enables a more exact gauging
according to the pulse number
Fotometrické kolečko
  • The middle photometric disc (rose) with a hole enables the pulse measurement

  • The pulse number for nominal flow-rate Qn 1,5 m3/h for 1/2" water-meters is 1125,00 rev./100 l

  • The pulse number for nominal flow-rate Qn 2,5 m3/h for 3/4" water-meters is 712,74 rev/100 l


16. Renovation of water-meters

The BONEGA® water-meters enable
multiple renovations

The renovations are done obligatory after 4 years on the warm-water water-meters and after 6 years on the cold-water water-meters. The purpose is ensuring accuracy and eventual repair.

We provide the renovations:

  1. by an exchange of a piece against a piece
  2. only by renovation

These renovations are done mainly by our contractual workshop - Brněnské vodárny a kanalizace a.s. Thanks to high quality materials, it is usual enough to clean our water-meters thoroughly and to replace the O-ring. Upon wish, we will provide you with the other contacts to the service workshops in both the Czech and Slovak Republics.


Please see: Confirmation about repairing and calibration from BVK


Recently, we can notice that the repairs (renovations) after 4 or 6 years do not pay off more (as it is in Western Europe). The used water-meters are replaced by the new ones. The household water-meters become“short-time” utility goods.

17. Clearing of water consumption and installation

We provide completed service

Within the Czech and Slovak Republics, we are able to ensure both the installations, and the clearings of water consumption or other utilities by means of verified renowned companies.


We provide the completed service, such as:


18. Training


Within the Czech and Slovak Republics, we offer training for installation and engineering companies.


19. Long lifetime

The usage of quality materials is a warranty for long lifetime. The water-meters are suitable even for multiple renovations.


20. Service and spare parts

Within the service, we offer also:

The spare parts delivered for the BONEGA household water-meters:
Order Code


BONEGA® ND 01A Water-meter’s nickel-coated brass body for the 1/2" water-meter
BONEGA® ND 01B Water-meter’s nickel-coated brass body for the 3/4" water-meter
BONEGA® ND 02 Turbine + magnet + spindle + turbine body
BONEGA® ND 03 Main shaft (spindle) made of stainless steel
BONEGA® ND 04 Bottom regulating board
BONEGA® ND 05 Upper regulating board with ruby bearing
BONEGA® ND 06A Packing "O"- ring underneath the upper regulating board for cold water
BONEGA® ND 06B Packing "O"- ring underneath the upper regulating board for warm water
BONEGA® ND 07 Plastic sieve
BONEGA® ND 08 Delimitating plastic ring
BONEGA® ND 09 Brass securing nut
BONEGA® ND 10 "O"-ring for counter tightening
BONEGA® ND 11 Separate transparent lid
BONEGA® ND 12A Removable protective plastic lid (blue)
BONEGA® ND 12B Removable protective plastic lid (red)
BONEGA® ND 13 Counter device
BONEGA® ND 14A Securing ring (blue)
BONEGA® ND 14B Securing ring (red)
BONEGA® ND 15 Seal
BONEGA® ND 16 Sealing wire
Diagram of the water-meter

1) Nickel-coated brass body
2) Turbine + magnet + spindle + ruby bearing
3) Main shaft (spindle) made of stainless steel
4) Bottom regulating board
5) Upper regulating board with ruby bearing
6) Tightening "O"-ring underneath the upper regulating board
7) Plastic sieve
8) Delimitating plastic ring
9) Brass securing nut
10) "O"-ring for counter tightening
11) Separate transparent lid
12) Removable protective plastic lid
13) Counter device
14) Securing ring



Export Manager: Ing. Michal Hudeček, [email protected]

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