Circuit Protection Devices

Voltage Switch-Off Releases – Ejecting Coil (for Remote Switch-Off)

For the miniature circuit breakers BONEGA® P-E-P, there are various optional extras available, such as e.g. undervoltage coils, ejecting coils, auxiliary contacts etc. They are installed from the left or the right side of a MCB.

The above devices extend the functions of a MCB by overvoltage or undervoltage protection, control, regulation, remote control, remote signaling of switched-off or switched-on position of a MCB, programming, measurement and other. Those combinations enable the MCB´s to be used even for the control of complicated automation processes.

Those accessories can be interconnected among each other (e.g. MCB + undervoltage release + auxiliary signaling contact etc.). In this way, it is possible to form various combinations.

Ejecting coil, Type S-9


To be installed by fixing on the left or on the right side of a MCB without using any tools


- power input of releases:  : 415 V ~


120 W 48 V ~ / = starting-up 22 W
220/240 V ~ 50 W 24 V ~ / = 120 W
110/130 V ~ 200 W 110/130 V = 10 W

Overview of voltage switch-off releases

Order Code Description Packing pc/case
07-26946 Remote switch-off release 220-415V st. 110-130V ss 1 pc

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