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 BONEGA® P-E-P Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) to 63 A

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Technical information

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3-years warranty

The Gold Amper 2005: The best product of the most prestigous Czech fair

The miniature circuit breaker BONEGA® P-E-P was awarded the prize The gold product at the BAEL Fair in Ostrava

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What do you get by using MCB BONEGA® P-E-P ?

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Superior Security and Protection

Your circuits will be better protected. It's provided by a high short-circuit resistance (below 5 ms). The quicker the whole short-circuit process is finished, the less damage inflicted to the connected devices.


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Guaranteed Reliability

Unique resistant construction and careful product control ensure error free function. We fully trust in our product – as we are one of the few that are able to guarantee a three-year-warranty.


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Faster Assembly and Easy Maintenance

Time saving. Our research team (combined with installer and customer feedback) has incorporated many advantages to make assembling and maintenance easier and faster than ever before. For example: locking bars, avoiding an incorrect placing of a conductor, a variable input or output, a bigger locking bar, a user’s inscription and more.

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You will get the highest quality possible MCB. Even though it is one of the most advanced miniature circuit breaker in the world, high priced by experts (for example „Gold Amper 2005“, its very affordable.


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Detail of users' inscription of miniature circuit breaker

Create & print your own user's inscription

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