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Article: How to avoid the conflicts when measuring the water consumption at flats

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4-years warranty for warm water-meters, 6-years for cold water-meters

Which advantages will you gain by using the BONEGA® water-meters?

Protective Advantages against Interference

Are you sure that your existing water-meter does hold the scales even for everyone? Developing the BONEGA® water-meters, we have taken into account the negative experience of the end users and we have formed a lot of measures which avoid the intentional falsification of measurement results.

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High Accuracy and Sensitivity

The BONEGA® water-meters are proud of their extraordinary high accuracy and sensitivity in both installation positions in the B class (they even come close to the above-standard C class). In addition, the water-meters have a lot of practical elements facilitating the installation and reading.

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Sale Advantages

Thanks to our own development, we have succeeded in manufacturing a water-meter on the technical top-level and with a modern and impressive design. We satisfy our customers also with the promptitude of delivery, the business terms and especially with the long-term guarantee period (4/6 years). We trust in our products absolutely. Of our own free will, we let them gauge pursuant to the demanding EHS standard.

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Export Manager: Ing. Michal Hudeček, [email protected]

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