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Interconnecting busbars for circuit breakers and protective switches

As important accessories, these busbars are intended for mutual inteconnection of several circuit breakers, switches and protective switches. These are the copper interconnecting "reed" busbars with insulation. The contacts (reeds) are located at the busbar edges. This solution enables mutual interconnection of two busbars whereby the transmission load rating is doubled.

The advantages of the reed busbars consist mainly in the fact that the reed presses with the pressure (second) area of the terminal onto the conductor, thus it limits to the minimum any possible contact resistances, caused by insufficient transmission area at the forked busbars (the reeds can distend to sides, when being tightened). The connection cannot "burn-out" and the interconnecting circuit breakers and protective switches cannot be damaged

The contact´s (reed) dimensions are 4x12 mm, the busbar cross-section is 16 mm2 and current load capacity with power supply away from the busbar edge is 80 A, with two interconnected busbars up to 160 A; if the power supply is in the centre of the busbar, the current load rating amounts to 130 A, with two interconnected busbars up to 260 A.

Technical information

Number of poles 1,2,3,4
Length supplied 1 m
Loading current 80 A
Material of the busbar copper(E-CU - F25)
Material of the insulation self-distinguishing ABS - VO (PC/ABS -Biend UL 94 - VO)
It is in compliance with the following standards DIN EN 60 439-1: 1994 and VDE 0660, part 500
Short.-circuit resistance 25 kA
Busbar cross-section 16 mm2
Dimensions of the reed 4 x 12 mm
Insulation resistance of the insulation 36kV/ mm
Mechanical ruggedness of the insulation in compliance with the standard IEC 68 -2
Nominal voltage 415 V
Operative voltage max. 500 V
Maximum load 4 kV

Table with the parameters of ampere-loading of the interconnecting busbars as to different cross-sections, power supply varieties and with interconnection of two busbars

Parameters of ampere-loading of the interconnecting busbars

  1 phase /two interconnected busbars with 2,3 a 4 phases/two interconnecting busbars
intercon. busbar cross-section in mm2 10 12 16 20 25 36 10 16 25 36
power supply from the stip edge away max. current Is = A 63/126 65/130 80/160 90/180 100/200 130/260 63/126 80/160 100/200 130/260
power supply

in the middle of the busbar

maximum current Is = A

100/200 110/220 130/260 150/300 180/360 220/440 100/200 130/260 180/360 220/440


Range of goods of the interconnecting busbars for circuit breakers and protective switches

Order Code


Loading rating A

Units m(pcs/

cross-section mm2

Basic price CZK/pce


07 - 0002

Copper interconnecting busbar, 1-pole, with contacts at busbar edges. There are 57 contacts with pitch 17,8 mm per 1 m 85 / 170 1 m / 16mm2 138,00 1 pce
07 - 0004 Copper interconnecting busbar, 2-poles 85 / 170 1 m / 16mm2 341,00 1 pce
07 - 0006 Copper interconnecting busbar, 3-poles, with contacts at busbar edges. There are 19 contacts with pitch of 17,8 mm per 1 m length . 85 / 170 1 m / 16mm2 313,00 1 pce
07 - 0008 Copper interconnecting busbar, 4-poles 85 / 170 1 m / 16mm2 698,00 1 pce
07 - 0011 Plastic terminal head for the 3-poles busbar   1 pce / 16mm2 8,20 10 pcs.

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Auxiliary contacts (for remote indication) for MCB BONEGA

The miniature circuit breakers can be linked-up with many accessories. (low-volt releases, ejecting coils, auxiliary contacts, etc.)

All those elements extend the application of the MCB by overvoltage or undervoltage protection, control, regulation, remote control, remote indication of switch-on and switch-off positions of the circuit breaker, programming and measurement. Those combinations enable the circuit breakers to be applied in the range of control of the complicated automated processes.

These elements can be mutually interconnected (e.g. MCB + undervoltage release + auxiliary indicating contact etc.), thus they can form different combinations.

Being mounted, it has to be attached to the left side of the circuit breaker; or combined with the VIGI module without any instruments. The VIGI module must be always bonded on the right side of the circuit breaker.


Mounting without using any instruments


Combination of electrical accessories (1 module 9 mm, max. width 54 mm):

Unit with auxiliary SD contacts:

- it includes 1 change-over contact indicating reaction of someone of the circuit breakers releases

- it indicates if the releases have switched-off the circuit breaker (overvoltage releases or MX or MN)

- the unit provides: - switch-off indicator with a red parachute on the front side of indicating contact

- resetting without switching-on the circuit breaker

- testing of functions

Unit with auxiliary OF contacts:

- it includes 1 change-over contact indicating condition of the circuit breaker

- the change-over contact which is involved in the control or indicating circuits and which indicates the circuit breaker positions ON or OFF

- test button on the front side of the auxiliary contacts serves as the check of signalling circuit without any circuit breaker handling


Range of goods -  auxiliary contacts OF

Order Codevací



Packing pcs/case
26923 Unit with auxil. contacts S C60/RCCB 1 pce 1 pce.
26924 Unit with auxiliary contactsů OF C60/RCCB 1 pce 1 pce.
26921 Unit with auxiliary contacts SD C60/RCCB 1 pce 1 pce.

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volt switch-off releases MX + OF (for remote switching-off) for MCB BONEGA

- they enable to switch-off the circuit breaker from any place by conducting the voltage onto the release coil; simultaneously they can indicate the ON/OFF condition of the circuit breaker

- they enable to indicate the ON/OFf condition of the cirucit breaker by the same voltage by which the release is supplied

- it is fitted with the break contact put in series with the OFF coil

- all the volt releases are fitted with indication of the OFF condition (red parachute)

- power input - MX releases: 415 V ~

starting up

120 W 48 V ~ / = starting up 22 W
  220/240 V ~   50 W 24 V ~ / = 120 W
  110/130 V ~   200 W 110/130 V = 10 W


Range of goods -  the volt switch-off releases MX+OF

Order Code Desription Quantity Packing
26946 remote switch-off release MX+OF 220-415V st. 110-130V ss 1 pce 1 pce
26947 remote switch-off release MX+OF 48-130Vst. 48Vss C60/RCCB 1 pce 1 pce
26948 remote switch-off release . MX+OF 24V st./ss C60/RCCB 1 pce 1 pce

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low-volt switch-off releases MN (for remote switching-off) for MCB BONEGA

- it enables to switch off the circuit breaker with voltage drop or when pressing the switch-off button (to be used for circuits Total stop etc.)

- it switches off if the nominal voltage falls down under 70%

- it is possible to switch on the miniature circuit breaker when the voltage is > 85 % Un

- it avoids the circuit breaker to be switched-on again if the low-volt release is live

- the low-volt time-limit release MNS enables to overbridge any short-time voltage drops < 200 ms without being switched-off (delayed reaction)

- all the low-volt releases are fitted with switch-off indicator (red parachute)

- input power of the release MN: 220/240 V ~   4,1 W
  48 V ~   4,3 W
  48 V =   2,0 W
- input power of the release MNS: 220/240 V ~

hold value

4,1 W

Range of goods -  the low-volt switch-off releases MN

Order Code


Quantity Packing pcs./case
26960 Low-volt release MN 220/240 V st.C60/RCCB 1 ks 1 ks
26961 Low-volt release MN 48V st. C60 1 ks 1 ks
26962 Low-volt release MN 48V ss C60 1 ks 1 ks
26963 Low-volt release MN 220/240V st. C60/RCCB S 1 ks 1 ks

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