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1. Dimensioned chart

2. Charakteristics and application of our MCB's

3. Technical data

4. Influence of ambient temperature on nominal currents


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Jističe BONEGA®P-E-P získaly 1. místo v soutěži o nejlepší exponát Zlatý Amper 2005

Jističe BONEGA®P-E-P získaly na veletrhu BAEL cenu Zlatý výrobek


Rozměrové schema jističe BONEGA<sup>®</sup> E6000 E

As to the available information, because of their extraordinary short dimensions (especially the width of only 81 mm), our P-E-P MCB´s are classified as among the smallest MCB´s over the world in the category of short-circuit resistance up to 10 kA. In the category of 15 kA, we have the shortest dimensions worldwide (see the dimensioned chart).

Thus there is more space for conducting and connecting the conductors in the installation section which is covered at a switchboard. This property can be appreciated especially when using these MCB´s at small apartment switchboards.

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The limiting miniature circuit breakers BONEGA® P-E-P-15J have two different releases acting onto the switching mechanism:

Contruction of MCB BONEGA®P-E-P

1.) thermal over-current release for over-current protection, working with time lag

2.) electromagnetic high-speed release with ejecting armature for immediate short-circuit protection
They are thus intended to protect the electrical distribution systems and electrical devices against short-circuit (if the defect has been caused by failure or incorrect connection) and to protect the electrical distribution system against overload (if the circuit has not been damaged but an extreme thermal overload occurred which could damaged the wiring).

They are suitable especially for common installation into switchboards and switching points of low-voltage end circuits. They are designed mostly for alternating current but they can be used also for direct current for which the reduction of short-circuit resistance by approx. about 20% has to be taken into account (because of a higher stress of contacts).

With their design and technical parameters, the miniature circuit breakers BONEGA® P-E-P-15J conform to the current technical top level world-wide.

They are marked with a logo with a trademark BONEGA®. It is a traditional brand since 1992 which shall be introduced to the markets over the world. The name BONEGA®comes from the ESPERANTO language and in that language, BONEGA®means excellent, good.
The name of the P-E-P series conceals the English term Perfect Electric Protector, stressing its extraordinary high quality supported by a long guarantee).

The miniature circuit breakers are manufactured in accordance with a particular European standard CSN EN 60898, as amended. They are able to comply with any design requirements for arrangement of MCB´s with regard to the selectivity and requirements for individual characteristics B, C and D.

- the product has received the certificate of the Electrotechnical Testing Institute of the Czech Republic 

- the product complies with the conditions necessary for evaluation if our product conforms to the Czech rules


- the product has fulfilled the European conditions for application thereof

- the product complies with the European conditions for Declaration on Conformity

The MCB´s BONEGA® , series P-E-P have more than 50 user's advantages

The miniature circuit breakers BONEGA® , series P-E-P, can be mutually interconnected by means of single-pole to four-poles interconnecting forked and reed (rack) strips.

The miniature circuit breakers can be linked-up with many accessories. (low-volt releases, ejecting coils, auxiliary contacts, etc.)

All those elements extend the application of the MCB by overvoltage or undervoltage protection, control, regulation, remote control, remote indication of switch-on and switch-off positions of the circuit breaker, programming and measurement. Those combinations enable the circuit breakers to be applied in the range of control of the complicated automated processes.

These elements can be mutually interconnected (e.g. MCB + undervoltage release + auxiliary indicating contact etc.), thus they can form different combinations.

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3. TECHnical data

Technical data

Number of poles: 1,2,3,4, 1+N,3+N
Nominal currents ln (A): 1,2,3,4,6,10,13,16,20,25,32,40,50,63
Characteristics: B (or L), also “V” before. The short-circuit release is to be set up to 3 ln through 5 ln. It serves especially for protection of circuits with such devices which do not cause any current surges (lights or socket circuits etc.)
C (or U), also K before. The short-circuit release is to be set up to 5 ln through 10 ln. It serves especially for protection of circuits with such devices which cause some current surges (groups of bulbs, motors etc.)
D (or M), also „---------„ before. The short-circuit release is to be set up to 10 In through 20 In. It serves especially for protection of circuit with devices which cause high current surges (transformers, double-pole motors, motors with heavy start etc.)
Nominal voltage: 1 P (single-pole) ~ 230/400 V 50/60 Hz
3 P (three-pole) ~ 400 V 50/60 Hz
Rupturing capacity: EN 60898 - 15.000 A (nominal short-circuit and operational rupturing capacity)

IP 20 for a sole MCB - with its design, it protects against a hazardous finger touch as well as against small foreign objects; it is without any protection against water leakage ( water protection is to be solved with design of the switchboard casing )
IP 40 for a built-in MCB - with its design, it protects against a hazardous finger or instrument touch as well as against very small foreign objects; it is without any protection against water leakage ( water protection is to be solved with design of the switchboard casing )
Minimum ambient temperature: - 40 ºC
Maximum ambient temperature: +125 ºC
Operation temperature: - 5 ºC to +40 ºC pursuant to ČSN EN 60898
Gauging temperature: +30 ºC pursuant to CSN (it is possible to agree upon different temperature)
Max. pre-inserted fuse: 100 A gG (>10 kA)
Mechanical lifetime: >= 20.000 cycles
Electrical lifetime: >= 8.000 cycles
Operational position: arbitrary
Fastening: by means of an unique snap mechanism (with arrestment in final positions) the carrying DIN strip EN 50022, width 35 mm, or even onto the flat surface by means of screws
Removal from the DIN strip by means of an unique auxiliary snap mechanism; the MCB´s can be removed even from a row of devices mutually interconnected by a forked or reed (rack) strip without necessity to dismantle the whole interconnecting strip
Input terminals: - clip terminals (with barrier layer), snap- locked against the worse input of a conductor

- the input and output can be interchanged

- they enable more conductors as well as interconnecting strips to be connected

Connectability of conductors (maximum cross-sections): 35 mm2 solid conductor, 25 mm2 stranded conductor
Terminal protection: IP 20
Tightening moment for terminals:: 6 Nm (combined slotted-head screw)
Manufactured according to the standard: ČSN EN 60898
Power limiting class 3
Switch-off speed (see oscilograms): under 5 ms

Coloured levers:

For better distinction among circuits in the switchboards, we supply also miniature circuit breakers with distinction of nominal currents by means of colored levers corresponding to the colours of turn fuses:

0,2 A - 1,6 A black
2 A pink
4 A brown
6 A green
8 A light green
10 A red
13 A sandy
16 A grey
20 A blue
25 A yellow
32 A purple
40 A black
50 A white
63 A copper-coloured
Can be delivered also with only black levers 1-63 A black  

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4. Influence of ambient temperature on nominal currents

Influence of ambient temperature on nominal currents of the MCB´s BONEGA® P-E-P-15J
Nominal current of MCB ( A ) Internal resistance
Power loss (W) Max.impedance
of impedance loop (Ohm)
Thermal correction of nominal currents



Ambient temp. 20OC

Ambient temp. 30OC

Ambient temp. 40OC

Ambient temp. 50OC

Ambient temp. 60OC

1 1215,69 1,24 46,20 25,70 14,40 1,05 1 0,95 0,90 0,85
2 343,28 1,38 21,60 12,02 6,73 2,08 2 1,92 1,84 1,74
3 128,09 1,15 16,90 9,40 5,26 3,18 3 2,82 2,61 2,37
4 105,53 1,68 10,68 5,94 3,33 4,24 4 3,76 3,52 3,24
6 29,22 1,08 7,14 3,97 2,22 6,24 6 5,76 5,52 5,30
10 14,49 1,55 3,87 2,15 1,21 10,60 10 9,30 8,60 7,80
16 10,00 2,56 2,24 1,25 0,70 16,80 16 15,20 14,20 13,30
20 8,02 3,32 1,55 0,86 0,48 21,00 20 19,00 17,80 16,80
25 3,11 2,00 2,43 1,35 0,76 26,20 25 23,70 22,20 20,70
32 3,05 3,17 1,27 0,71 0,40 33,50 32 30,40 28,40 27,50
40 2,16 3,40 0,60 0,33 0,19 42,00 40 38,00 35,60 33,20
50 1,65 4,20 0,71 0,39 0,22 52,50 50 47,40 44,00 40,50
63 1,68 6,30 0,47 0,26 0,15 66,20 63 58,00 54,20 49,20

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